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Welcome to F1 Software! Try one of our FREE game downloads today! All games downloads are quick to install, easy to play and suitable for all ages. Whether you prefer Puzzle Games, Word Games or Arcade Games, we have them here for you to download, for FREE!

PilesOTiles Mahjong (for Windows, PPC & Mac) Info Try Buy

PilesOTiles Mahjong Game Screen PilesOTiles is an action packed puzzle game for PC, PocketPC and Macintosh

Download PilesOTiles Mahjong for free on the PilesOTiles Mahjong Page!

Jelly-Othelly (for Windows & MacOS X) Info Try Buy

Jelly-Othelly Game Screen Jelly-Othelly is a cartoon-like version of the classic Othello/Reversi game for Windows and Apple Mac

Download Jelly-Othelly for free on the Jelly-Othelly Page!