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F1 Licenseware / 5th Dimension Licenseware on Amiga

[Original F1 Licenseware Master Floppy Disk]On August 12th, 1999 I purchased F1/5D Licenseware from the then-owner Phil Wilkinson. This included all smaller sub-companies from it etc. During that time, I was running under my own comapny 'Mushroom Software' and it was great to be able to merge all my software libraries together into one large one. At the time I bought F1/5D, I had been a distributor of the software in the US for a couple of years and it was going well for the most part. I would travel to many of the Amiga shows around the country, and it was the first experiences for me living and travelling in America. The most popular titles being sold at that time were the AMOSPro Compilers, as they just weren't readily available over here back then, and AMOSPro was still at it's peak of popularity.

As time went by, and the Amiga was no longer worked on/developed, the popularity of the F1 library started to wind down, and I decided to close it down around 2001. PC/Mac games were gaining in popularity as the machines were becomming much faster, plus I had started developing on those platforms myself. I still get regular emails asking for various programs and titles from the F1 Collections, which is why I have put these pages together for others to see and download from.

The Collection

Most of the program authors have already released their programs to the public domain/AmiNet as free downloads. So long as noone charges anything for them, they can distribute them as they see fit to. If any original F1/5D programmers need to contact me, they can do so by visiting this page to submit a message. This also goes for anyone who has any questions about the collection.

By downloading any of the content of this site, you agree to the conditions of the original program; No fees can be charged for distribution and the program author or F1 has the right to suspend distribution at any time. We also ask that any websites linking to us, link directly to this page rather than directly to the DMS files.

F1 Software Catalogue Disk

I couldn't actually find the last catalogue disk I did on the Amiga, or the Wordsworth files for the printed version. I did however, in a small box find one of the printed catalogues, which would have been distributed at the last Amiga show I went to, probbably AmiWest in 1999 (I can't actually remember the last show I went to!). For anyone that's interested, you can download it in PDF Format From Here (3.2Mb). Please bear in mind, I have moved ISP's and Addresses since it was printed so don't use the contact info on the PDF file! If you need to get a hold of me for anything (such as title requests, software questions or more) then please use This Form.

Downloading Programs

Well, here they are in all their glory! All the progrms from F1. As i find the time, I will add more and more programs to this list. For the time being, I am adding programs people are requesting download links for, and ones I happen to feel are important. If you see something that isn't in the catalogue, then please Contact Us and we will add the program to the list. Please don't link directly to the files on our server as they may move; Link to this page instead.

F1 # Program Title Description D/L
F1-018 Relics of Deldroneye 1 [4 Disks] Rated in Amiga Format's 1995 annual as being the best PD game of 1994! Relics is a mouse-driven adventure game which plays and looks exactly like the Monkey Island and Lure of the Temptress games. Excellent gameplay and graphics to keep you playing for hours! See F1-066 and F1 Gold titles to get the programs needed to make your own games just like this! [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]
[Disk 3]
[Disk 4]
F1-072 The Eire-Raising Adventures of Seamus O'Mally [4 Disks] This game is funny, and I mean funny! Lots of laughs to keep you playing for a long time. This game is written using GRAC, also available from F1. [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]
[Disk 2]
[Disk 2]
F1-111 Return to Zantis This is a 'Link Sequel' to the excellent 'Relics of Deldroneye 2'. People who have played the original Relics game will feel right at home with this point and click adventure game. [Disk 1]
F1-117 Epsilon 9 [2 Disks] Epsilon 9 is the eagerly-awaited sequel to the smash hit 'Starbase 13'. Packed with lots more sound, animation, and puzzles to keep you amused for ages. This game is written using GRAC, also available from F1. [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]
F1-124 Relics of Deldroneye 2 [5 Disks] After rescuing the king from kidnappers in Relics 1, your new task is to rid the town of Zantis, from all the psycho criminals. On return to Deldroneye, you find you have once again been betrayed and have been left cruising in space alone on your ship. That is, until you discover 2 alien ships in the normally deserted sector of space... [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]
[Disk 3]
[Disk 4]
[Disk 5]
F1-145 Keith's Quest [4 Disks] With over 50 different locations, 16 Music Tracks, 6Mb of data, plenty of puzzles & scrolling landscapes, this is one of the best games we have in the collection! It was highly credited by the Amiga magazines in Europe, and we are sure you will like it too! Written using GRAC, also available for download from F1. [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]
[Disk 3]
[Disk 4]
F1-155 The World of Magic [2 Disks] You play the part of a 16-year old boy, and must guide him on the path to becomming an all-powerful mage. The adventure takes place in Kawamoon, a world full of magic, orcs, goblins and wizards. The game is written using the GRAC package, also available for download from F1. [Disk 1]
[Disk 2]