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 Using Philips GoGear HDD6330/17 On Vista

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Other Pages On F1-Software.com

Over the course of time, I have uploaded other pages of information, snippets and just useless stuff that I think some other people might find useful. This page contains a somewhat-ordered list of all of this junk with an explanation of what it is.

Name Description
F1 Licenseware / 5th Dimension Licenseware etc. on the Amiga This is a page I put together for the Amiga companies I bought to show the games and offer downloads etc..
Philips HDD6330/17 MP3 Player & Windows Vista Compatability A short page I threw together (with screenshots) showing how I got my 30Gb Jukebox from GoGear working on Windows Vista alongside Media Player 11.
Bend File Printer A small and very complex tool I wrote for assisting me at my full time job. The tool analyzes semi rigid cable designs and checks for errors etc. This link points to it's homepage.