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 Using Philips GoGear HDD6330/17 On Vista

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Using the Philips HDD6330/017 Drivers on Windows Vista

Not too long ago, I ran into a problem with my Zune and needed to use my old Philips MP3 player as a backup. It's a HDD6330/17 30Gb jukebox from Philips. All the osoftware that came with it, of course, was completely un-Vista friendly. I did manage to get it to work, so I wanted to document this for others to try and use, as I did some searching myself before I tried this method.

My setup is Windows 64-Bit Home Premium, with Service Pack 1 installed and all the other updates too, so the machine is current. It is an HP G60 Laptop. I also downloaded the official Philips software from their website, using This Link. It is assumed at this point that Media Player 11 is already installed and up to date. In the case of my player, it already had stuff on it when I set this up, and the same procedures should still work even if media isn't valid on the device.

Installing the Drivers

The first thing you should do to get this working, is intall the official Philips Device Manager software that you just downloaded earlier. In the Zip archive from the link above, run the file named DM_WEB_ENG.exe, it'll fire up the start procedure to get things going.

When the installer is first ran, you will get the above error. Don't freak out though! Vista has pretty good compatibility support, and we can in fact change the attributes of the program to run in Windows XP mode. Right Click on the installer file you initially ran, and select Properties. You should see a compatability tab, select it and you should be able to enable it like in this picture:

Clicking OK will now apply the changes you just made. Do this, and then run the installer again. you'll find that the program should now install without an issue. This is good so far =) If you try and launch the Philips tool, you will receive the following error (as the tool tries to launch automatically by itself after installing) :

This is just the usual cry-baby warning the program gave even on XP when it detected that you were using a newer version of the Windows Media Player than it reccomended (version 9). Clicking OK will just take you to the download center on Microsoft to grab media player, so just close the tab. If you now open your current version of Media Player with the device correctly recognized, you'll get the setup procedure for the device where you can rename it, decide if if permanantly syncs to this computer etc. and when you go through that process, you should be able to add/change/delete songs and playlists like a normal session!! I hope this helps some people struggling to get the device running on Windows Vista! As you can see below, the sync process should work fine!