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Welcome To My Utility Pages!

These pages will be updated to reflect the various tools & utilities I have worked on over the past & present. Most of the stuff listed here is stuff I do at work, and so won't be of much interest to many people unless you are in that line of work.

Bend File Printer

This was a tool I have been developing since 2006 to assist with processing BND/DAT files from CoCreate. It's used to check cable designs for errors and make sure nothing else funky is going on with design. The program produces a special report which is attached to the company work orders before they are batched out to the production floor to be made. Loaded with stats, error checking, databases, and much more. Ties into our CNC bending machines using a shared code library I created. Written using Visual C++ and wxWidgets. Much more complex version can be found in the FlexIO program. Click the image to learn more about the program, and see screenshots.

FlexIO / FlexIO Pro

FlexIO is a replament CNC bender program written for the company I work for. their existing CNC software which came with their Seven Associates bender was pants, so I wrote one new version already, and am busy at work on the second one. Most of the code in this project is shared with the Bend File Printer program to keep compatability between the two programs. Improved performance of the software, much greater stepper motor accuracy, 6-decimal angles and rotations, and a whole boat load of other improvments over the original bender software. See above to learn more about Bend File Printer directly. Written using Visual C++ and DirectX (FlexIO Classic) and wxWidgets (FlexIO Pro). Click the image to learn more about the FlexIO programs.